Does your dog sing along to its favourite TV theme?

From soap tunes to ads, if your pup shows off its vocal talents while the TV is on, we want to see the videos...

Opera is the music of choice for our family Border Terrier Alfie. He, rather fittingly, has a penchant for an Alfie Boe performance. His ears prick up, his head goes back and off he goes, hitting notes many contestants on The Voice cannot echo. 


His efforts often spark the interest of our other furry pal, Patterdale Terrier Riley. If we got a couple more, we could enter the first canine choir on Britain’s Got Talent. (You can see a sample of their efforts below.)


Do your four-legged friends possess musical talent too? Whether they sing along to a soap’s theme tune, or perk up at the sound of Midsomer Murders, we want to see your videos if so. Send them, along with details of your dog’s name and breed, to and you may see them star on the Radio Times website.