Dieting and fitness dos and don’ts, according to TV and film

Don't start shedding that festive flab without these words of wisdom from Friends, Mean Girls, Bridget Jones, Modern Family and Girls


Here at we’ve put on a few festive pounds and grown some Christmas curves. And as we do each and every January, we are really quickly eating throwing away all leftover yuletide snacks and committing ourselves to a life of fitness and healthy eating.


We’re talking about diets, running, aerobics classes, lycra leggings and celery.

Yet unlike each and every other January, this year we will stick to this virtuous new regime. Why will 2016 be different? Because this sound advice from the world of TV and film is helping us on our slim and speedy way….

Do be realistic about what you’re letting yourself in for


Do your research 


Don’t trust that initial high. It never lasts… 


Do keep careful track of your progress 


Don’t rely on dieting myths 


Do put your all into exercise 


Don’t push yourself too far, though… 

Don’t live off maple syrup and lemon juice alone. Ever. 

Do bag yourself a motivational exercise partner. Preferably semi-naked.


Do exercise whenever the mood takes you 


Don’t focus on the unhealthy yet delicious junk food you’re not eating anymore 

Don’t panic if you fall of the fitness wagon 


Do know when enough dieting is enough 

And then do accept yourself, just the way you are… 


If that, erm, hasn’t helped that much, take some advice from an actual doctor. How to Lose Weight Well starts tonight at 8:00pm on Channel 4.