Did you spot The Stig’s secret Star Wars message hidden in the new Top Gear announcement?

The enigmatic Top Gear driver has finally broken his silence - sort of - and it's safe to say he's happy to be back...


Top Gear racing driver The Stig is what you might call the fast, silent type. Getting any kind of reaction beyond that trademark bolshie crossed-arm stance out of the enigmatic man behind the helmet is nigh on impossible, so when he actually strings a sentence together you know he must be excited – even if it is in Morse Code…


Yes, right at the bottom of today’s Top Gear announcement confirming the full “magnificent seven” of its new presenters and drivers was a coded message from The Stig. Of course, thanks to our military experience we were quickly able to decipher it and the result will please fans of both Top Gear and Star Wars…

“Chewie, we’re home.”

In case you haven’t yet seen The Force Awakens, and have somehow managed to avoid every trailer for it too, that line was uttered by Han Solo to his Wookie co-pilot in our first glimpse of them on screen after 30 years away. Of course, it hasn’t been quite that long since we last saw a new episode of Top Gear, but nevertheless The Stig is clearly glad the wait is over.


But now that we’ve worked out that secret, could it also provide a clue to another even deeper mystery? Is The Stig really… Harrison Ford?