Dermot O’Leary meows like a cat (enough said)

It's Dermot's turn to solve a celebrity crime in Murder In Successville tonight and he must call on his spirit animal to help

Dermot O’Leary probably never thought he’d see the day he’d have to meow like a cat in an improvised spoof cop drama. But then he probably never thought he’d be trying to solve the fake death of Amanda Holden, who’s the PA to mayor Simon Cowell in a fake town called Successville. But the time has come, people.


It’s Murder In Successville, the show where celebrities are thrown into an improvised game of cops and robbers, where they have absolutely no idea what they’re going to be asked to do next. All they know is that they’ve got to join the police and try and figure out who murdered whom. It’s a bit like a real life game of Cluedo, except it’s not actually anymore real and the suspects range from care home worker Miley Cyrus to sweet shop owner Alan Sugar.

Dermot is helped (a word used loosely) along the way by DI Sleet, played by comedian Tom Davis. And tonight, fake Jessie J is pretty sure Dermot will be able to better solve the crime if he calls on his inner spirit animal: a pussycat. Here’s how that goes down:


See Murder In Successville Wednesday at 10:00pm on BBC3