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Dec finds a new partner in Daisy May Cooper for PJ and Duncan duet

There was some Eternal Love between Daisy May Cooper and Declan Donnelly at the Baftas

Declan Donnelly and Daisy May Cooper
Published: Tuesday, 15th May 2018 at 11:57 am

How does "Daisy and Dec" sound?


This Country star Daisy May Cooper celebrated her Bafta TV Awards success by teaming up with fellow winner Declan Donnelly for a spur-of-the-moment duet, reviving the long-forgotten ballad Eternal Love – first made famous by Ant and Dec's pop star alter-egos PJ and Duncan in 1994.

Daisy's brother Charlie Cooper shared the video, captioned "woke up and found this on my phone" at 4.30 (in the afternoon!) on the day after the Baftas. Must have been quite an afterparty...

The siblings had plenty to sing about after collecting the Bafta for Best Scripted Comedy for their show This Country, while Daisy also scooped the award for Best Female Comedy Performance – dressed in her Swindon Town Dress. Dec didn't do too badly, either: he was part of the winning team for Britain's Got Talent.

"I'll give you my love an eternal love, from me to you," the two crooned in the emptying auditorium of the Royal Festival Hall as Charlie recorded the moment for the world to see. Daisy even managed the tricky rap part.


While Eternal Love hasn't exactly become a pop classic, Ant and Dec fans may remember that it climbed to number 12 in the charts back in 1994 with powerful lyrics such as: "We knew our love was not a passing phase / Suntan lotion that familiar smell / I made you a necklace from a chain of shells..."

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