David Bowie fans seek ch-ch-ch-change for a twenty with campaign to put his face on a bank note

12,000 people have so far signed an online petition to get the Thin White Duke on the £20 note


David Bowie had an impact well beyond the world of music. He pioneered art, fashion and pretty much the cultural identity of the late 20th century.


And he could one day be making a mark on your wallet too, after a petition was launched to put the late musician’s face on the £20 note.

The Bank of England is currently considering who will replace philosopher Adam Smith on the note and a petition set up in the wake of Bowie’s death has already attracted 12,000 supporters.

The change.org campaign says: “His music has sound-tracked important events in the lives of many of us. His visual art and sense of character brought a new combination of music, performance and imagery into mainstream culture… there is no better person to be on the next £20 note.”

If those stirring words have convinced you, you can sign the petition here.


Anyone got ch-ch-ch-change for a twenty?