Daniel Radcliffe tried to be a receptionist for an hour, couldn’t handle the pressure

"The new guy sucks!" Former Harry Potter star can't quite conjure up the skills for this front of house job

Actor Daniel Radcliffe tried to be a receptionist for an hour and, as it turned out, was completely useless. 


The former Harry Potter star stopped by the NYLON magazine offices in the States and for sixty minutes tried his best to be a smiling, helpful member of the team. 

“It’s proving to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Radcliffe admitted as he struggled to put calls through, panicked when a package arrived and dear god don’t anyone ever ask him for a stamp again. The pressure. THE PRESSURE.

For a while no one really noticed who he was. Well, apart from one guy who loved him in that “horse play” that he did, which he didn’t actually see. One visitor – Joe Jonas, no less – quite simply moaned: “The new guy sucks”. 


See him (sort of) in action here: