Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter fans chased me into the toilet

The star recalls his “Life of Brian moment” at the hands of a mob of Italian fans

What happens when a group of fanatical fans is let loose on their idol for the first time? Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe found out on a recent trip to Italy…


“Italy was crazy,” Radcliffe tells Graham Norton and guests on his chat show. “We never did any press there for the [Harry Potter] films so there was ten years pent up energy and when I got there it just exploded. It was incredible.” 

But even a superstar should probably be allowed a bit of privacy when nature calls. Instead, Radcliffe found himself in a Monty Python-style farce.

“At one point I needed the loo and had to make a 100-yard dash and was immediately followed by a flash mob,” he reveals. “I had a Life of Brian moment when I opened the toilet door and there were thousands of people standing outside waiting. It was all very surreal and mad as always.”

Radcliffe is joined by Sir Cliff Richard, Mary Berry and Andrew Lloyd Webber on Graham’s sofa tonight, where he also talks about his role as Igor in new film Frankenstein, a part which accounts for the long mane of hair he can be seen sporting on the show.

The Graham Norton Show is tonight on BBC1 at 10:35pm