Daily Kitchen Live: Matt Tebbutt talks challenges of filming during lockdown

"You either kick off or you get on with it"

Matt Tebbutt hosts Daily Kitchen Live and Saturday Kitchen on BBC One

The host of BBC One’s Daily Kitchen Live has spoken about the difficulties of filming during the coronavirus lockdown.


Matt Tebbutt has been a regular presenter on Saturday Kitchen for several years, but in recent weeks the experience has been been radically different as measures are taken to ensure safety during the outbreak.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com, he revealed that the show has far fewer cameras to allow for distancing around the studio and the executive producer now works remotely using Zoom.

He said: “I drive in, come into the studio; there’s no make-up, there’s no one doing your clothes so you do it all yourself. You basically walk into the studio, you do your show and then you literally walk out, jump in the car and you’re gone. There are studio deep cleans every time it’s been used.

“We could not be doing anymore than we’re doing. It’s now become the norm; it was really strange about two weeks ago and now it’s really strange not to be doing it. All of these things have their challenges and you either kick off or you get on with it.”

His new weekday series, Daily Kitchen Live, will follow the same strict protocols and offers specific advice on how to make healthy meals with limited ingredients.

Tebbutt admits that this is a very different form of cooking to what he is used to, having spent much of his culinary career putting together indulgent dishes in top restaurants.

As a result, he has had to adopt a thrifty new attitude to how ingredients can be used, both at home and on television.

“When you write recipes, you think then I’ll add this and I’ll add this and add all of these things that, in great times, you can get hold of and afford and have kicking around your home,” Tebbutt explained. “But now, it’s a very different climate so things are very much pared down. Where we would throw in extra ingredients to give it that real wow factor, those things have got to be reined in.”

He added: “Everything’s going to be tailored to what people could get hold of or what they’ll have, so it won’t be anything too fancy but it will be nutritious and – given the circumstances – sort of aspirational food that they can easily achieve.”

Jack Monroe
Jack Monroe
Mike Marsland/WireImage

Helping to establish this new mindset is Daily Kitchen Live co-presenter Jack Monroe, who is best known for her budget meal guides Cooking on a Bootstrap and Tin Can Cook.

Tebbutt said: “I have a very restaurant background using the best that money can buy in the most abundant, so it’s a very different style of cooking and it will be interesting to see how they come together. Food is one of those things where you’re constantly learning, so I have no doubt that I’m going to learn an awful lot from Jack.

“I’ll look at a tin of chickpeas and think one thing, and she’ll look at it and think probably ten things. Those things are always interesting. It’s two very different disciplines so we’ll see how they marry together.”


Daily Kitchen Live starts on BBC One at 10am on Monday 13th April