Dad gives daughter a Frozen doll for Christmas. Literally…

As in a toy that's been in the freezer. She reacts as well as you would expect

Dolls from Disney’s smash hit musical Frozen were the must have toy this Christmas, and this little girl was one of the thousands looking under the tree for their own snow queen. Lucky she has the greatest dad in the world, right?


Sorry, did we say greatest? We meant “funniest”…

Clearly believing himself to be a successful prop comedian a la Carrot Top or the Fool from King Lear, or perhaps taking inspiration from the literal minded Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy, he didn’t give his child a Frozen doll but a frozen doll.

As in, a doll frozen in a block of ice.


A frozen doll.

Do you understand?

A frozen doll from the freezer not a Frozen doll from the movie Frozen.





Very funny Dad, you’ve risked ruining your daughter’s Christmas for the sake of a bad pun. It’s surely going to take a long, long time before she can let this go.