It's (nearly) Christmas!!!


And that means it's time to get ready to party hard around the photocopier at work, constant festive tunes in every public space and indigestion.

But before you can really settle into the fun, there's something you've forgotten - presents for all.

Here's some ideas of things you could buy for the TV, film and entertainment fan in your life...

Christmas needs socks...

Movie-inspired footwear

As we know, no Christmas is complete without a new pair of socks - so why not try these toe-warmers with a twist for the entertainment fan you love. What self-respecting movie buff wouldn't want to wear a pair of Sockfather, Mambo, Toeminator or Karate Feet creations? These creative designs will ensure you're always at the movies... even when you're not!

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ChattyFeet - £8 a pair / £30 'The BadAss Gift Set'

Walking in the Air...

Chocolate Snowman (and Snowdog)

To celebrate 40 years (no that doesn't make me feel old) of Raymond Briggs classic The Snowman, chocolatiers Thorntons have conjured up a replica Snowman and Snowdog for you to admire (and then scoff) this Christmas. Guaranteed to raise a smile with both young and old this white chocolate treat will surely fly off the shelves this Christmas!

Thorntons - £6 for the 200g model

Fun for the kids...

Grufallo Trunki

Those with young kids will almost certainly already be familiar with beloved Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler story the Grufallo, and may well also know about ride on suitcase Trunki (once featured on Dragons' Den)... but the two combined - well that's going to put some serious smiles on faces this Christmas! The innovative design allows little ones to not only have their own case for trips, but to be pulled along in style atop their favourite character. What's not to like?

Amazon - £44.99

Harry Potter fun...

itty bittys Harry Potter collection

Those looking to recreate their favourite scenes from the film franchise can now do so with this new range of Harry Potter plushies. There's a Harry, Hermione, Ron... and Dumbledore to collect. Enjoy!

Hallmark - £6

Chocolate wands

The perfect stocking filler for the boy (or girl) who lived in your life, these replica chocolate wands offer a tasty take on wizardry. Replica wands for Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are all available... the box even include a list of spells!

Jelly Belly - £9.50

Harry Potter walking tour 0f London

Let your inner wizard out as you take a two hour 30 minute tour of the capital taking including the entrance to the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and the site where Ron, Harry and Hermione infiltrated the Ministry in the Deathly Hallows. You can ca also venture to the location used as The Leaky Cauldron and pass under the bridge destroyed by the Death Eaters in the Half Blood Prince.

Virgin Experience Days - £24

Light Painting Wand

Relieve your favourite moments from the film with this magical wand, complete with powerful LED light that allows you to cast spells in the air both day and night that will impress your friends and family.

Hawkin's Bazaar - £30

Who do YOU think you are?

Living DNA Ancestry analysis

Ever wondered where your ancestors came from? This DNA analysis allows you to be the star of your own investigation (without the TV cameras) as one simple swab starts the story. 10-12 weeks later you get a report back that reveals the breakdown of your ancestry in the United Kingdom, as well as the migration patters of both the maternal and paternal lines in your family over hundreds and thousands of years.

Living DNA - from £79

Game for a laugh?

First Dates - The Game

Not an option for the easily embarrassed, this game-of-the-show should be played with friends... and really isn't appropriate for real first dates. Prepare to get to know your mates in ways you'd never imagined through starter, main course and dessert as you and your "pretend date" answer increasingly awkward and embarrassing questions about one another. I mean who wouldn't want to think about "who would have more people at their funeral" and "who would give a better lapdance", right?

Amazon - £14.99

For the Star Wars fan...

Stormtrooper decanter

Whether you're looking to decant whisky, wine or blackcurrant cordial - keeping up to 750ml of your favourite liquid in this stylish Star Wars-inspired head is quite the statement. It comes with a cork lid to keep your tipple (and any residual stormtrooping evil) safe in the bottle. - £12.99

Star Wars cheeseboard


Enough said.

Qwerkity - £29.99

Simply incredible!

Incredibles 2 - Jack Jack Attacks

It's time to recreate one of the most important battles in cinema history as the youngest Incredible takes on his nemesis with light and sounds. Press Jack Jack's tummy once to see him attack, hold his tummy and he emits a full light and sound display that truly showcases his talents.

Amazon - £27.99

Buy them Westeros...

Monopoly - Game of Thrones edition

Can't wait until April for the final series of Game of Thrones? Well, why not take over Westeros and win the Iron Throne yourself NOW with this collector's edition of the famous board game entirely set in George RR Martin's fantastical universe.

Amazon - £24.99

The write stuff!

Looney Tunes Moleskine notebooks

Perhaps you'll create the next big animated franchise in one of these classic notebooks with a Looney twist? Available in a variety of sizes these limited notebooks have are available with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, Taz, the Tasmanian Devil and everyone’s favorite canary, Tweety editions. Surely a great gift for the budding writer in your family?

Amazon - from £13

Watching and listening...

Roku Streaming Stick +

Make any TV smart with this stylish 4K streamer with a serious working range from the router. Enjoy 150,000+ movies and TV episodes across thousands of free or paid channels. Now what TV-fan wouldn't need one - especially with enabled remote!

Amazon - £59.99

Jam Out There noise cancelling headphones

Looking for a stylish and wireless way to watch your favourite TV shows and movies on the go? Why not connect with these headphones. Offering active noise cancelling technology and bluetooth connectivity as well as hands free calling and the option to plug in wires when you need them... these affordable headphones cover a lot of bases.

Amazon - £39.00

VQ Retro Mini DAB+ Digital Radio with FM, Bluetooth, Alarm Clock

It wouldn't be a gift list without a, well, radio, right!? Want to listen to the latest sounds with vintage style - well, how better than with this retro radio, bluetooth and alarm clock. Offering DAB, DAB+, bluetooth connectivity to your mobile devices and an alarm clock. With a 5k watt premium speaker built in, this radio is powerful enough to bring any room to life.

Amazon - £59.99

Now TV Smart Box with 4K & Voice Search

TV fans can now watch all of their favourite Sky shows, Netflix and a huge range of other catch-up and on demand services including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All4 using this 4K box that turns any TV into a smart entertainment system. Now with added voice search functionality, the Now TV box offers flexible access to premium services and channels across movies, sports and entertainment without having to have a dish or be signed into long contracts.

Currys PC World - £24.99

Lumie - Bodyclock

Now there's clock radios, and then there's this! A serious piece of tech designed not only to deliver crisp quality DAB radio to your bedroom and act as a bluetooth speaker connecting to your mobile devices - it also attempts to solve one of the oldest problems we have... getting us out of bed!

For those afraid of the harsh alarm or radio noises at 6.30am, perhaps it's time to wake up to the sunrise with this clever unit that slowly fades light into the room alongside a selection of sounds that create a slow and peaceful sunrise. It even helps you get to bed with a nighttime setting that uses low blue light to minimise the alerting effects of light in the evening.

Amazon - £199 (Luxe 750D model)

It wouldn't be Christmas without...

Only Fools and Horses - The Complete Collection

For people of a certain age growing up in Britain, Only Fools and Horses is as much a part of Christmas as Turkey and all the trimmings. In total there were a whopping 15 OFAH Christmas specials over the years, and although sadly genius creator John Sullivan is no longer with us - this boxset (which includes every episode of the classic comedy ever made) can ensure that you and all the family have another lovely jubbly Christmas in 2018!

Amazon - £34.75

Fun and games...

TV and film Top Trumps

Surely the ultimate stocking filler for the TV and film fan in your life - the classic card game Top Trumps. There are a huge number of different shows and franchises that now have their own editions including Friends, Marvel, James Bond, Disney and Trolls to name but a few, so there's definitely going to be a set to suit the taste of your nearest and dearest.

Amazon - from £4.99

Which Bug's a Bug?

Sadly, we can't all be paid thousands of pounds to sit in the Australian Jungle this winter, but with this fun game you can (literally) get a taste of the I'm A Celebrity lifestyle. This set contains ten Belgian chocolates - five have a delicious milk chocolate centre, and the other five have mealworms in them! Are you brave enough to play jungle roulette with your tastebuds? Fun for all the family...


Hawkin's Bazaar - £8