Charlie Brooker says “watch this space” for more Weekly Wipe

The screenwriter told us he’s just been too busy to bring back his weekly satire series


While fans of Charlie Brooker have had plenty of his work to enjoy in the past year (including Philomena Cunk specials, his 2016 Wipe review of the year and the six-part Black Mirror anthology on Netflix), there’s been one notable absence from the schedules that many are keen to see return – satire series Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, which last aired in 2015.


Now, Brooker has shed some light on the future of the series, which he says could still return one day – just as soon as he gets a bit more free time.

“The only reason that I haven’t been doing that is because of the Black Mirror schedule,” Brooker told at the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival last weekend. “So I’m certainly not averse.

“It’s all to do with when the schedule allows, basically. And assuming the BBC will have us! But we had to actually sort of turn down doing a run of it because we knew that we were just too busy doing Black Mirror.

“See in my head, I’m disturbed by the question,” he went on. “Because in my head I always forget that it’s on hiatus, if you see what I mean.

“We do the end of year shows still pretty regularly, but we didn’t do the weekly show last year because of Black Mirror.

“So we shall see. Watch this space,” he concluded.

In other words, Weekly Wipe is far from wiped out – so fans can still have some hope of seeing it again.


Black Mirror is available to watch on Netflix now