Chaos in The Voice UK final as stage gets invaded and Sir Tom Jones swears live on air can confirm that the man who ran onto the stage was not comedian Simon Brodkin


There was chaos on The Voice UK final when a man was tackled by security after he invaded the stage.


Many viewers took to Twitter to say they thought it was Simon Brodkin who ran onto the set, but a source at ITV has confirmed to that the invader was not the comedian who has become well-known for his pranks.

A statement from ITV said: “During the results this evening there was a brief interruption on stage which was dealt with immediately by security. The show continued as planned.”
ITV also added that he had come alone, the intruder had applied for a ticket to the show legitimately and with relevant ID, he had been searched by security prior to entering the studio and he was escorted out of the studios as soon as the show was over.

Holding a piece of paper, the man made it up onto the stage after Emma Willis announced that Jamie Miller would be leaving the competition.

Before anyone got the chance to read what it said, two men from security ran onto the stage and wrestled the as-yet-unknown invader.

Meanwhile there was further anarchy when Sir Tom Jones was heard saying “f**k me” after it was revealed that Into the Ark made it through to the final two acts.


Presenter Emma Willis apologised for his language immediately afterwards as she said: “There may have been a little swear word that popped out then through excitement – apologies to anybody if they were offended.”