So this one time in 2009, Caroline Flack was at home watching The X Factor, as you do, and merrily tweeted that she kind of fancied that Olly Murs bloke off the telly. She probably wasn’t the first, she definitely wasn’t the last. Fast forward to 2015 and now she’s presenting the main show with the former contestant, and no-one will let her forget it.

“Ok, so it was his first ever audition, I didn’t work on the show and I was at home watching as a viewer. I might have tweeted, ‘I fancy Olly Murs’. That was it!” Flack explained.

“My fans found it and they always remind me. It’s so funny,” Murs teased.

Google can, of course, also find it.

But, as much as Simon Cowell remains adamant there’s sexual chemistry between his new presenting duo, it seems the reality didn’t quite match up to the fantasy.

“Then I met you in the flesh and was like ‘Urgh!’” laughed Flack. “Olly’s quite needy. He’ll send me a long text and I’ll be in bed so I’ll just reply saying ‘Yeah, OK,’ and he’s like, ‘Why do you only reply with one sentence?!’”

“I’m a positive kind of guy," responded Murs. "And she’ll reply saying something like, ‘Yeah, great day’, and I’m like, ‘Cheers Caroline!’. We have a great friendship and everyone is always going to talk but we just find it funny.”

However, Flack’s got a plan for if she does ever decide to change the dynamic, which involves Christmas, a bottle of wine and dramatic revelations.

“One day I might actually just break down and be like, ‘I’ve loved you for five years!’. Can you imagine?” Flack asked Murs. “It could be Christmas Day and I turn up at your house with a bottle of wine, really drunk! ‘I’ve loved you for five years!’”

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Just as long as there are some cameras there, eh Ms Flack?

The X Factor returns this Saturday at 8:00pm on ITV