Canadian man brings us Back to the Future by breaking hoverboard World Record

Catalin Alexandru Duru proved you can Marty McFly quite far on a hoverboard if you really try

Back to The Future wasn’t lying when it promised us we’d have hoverboards by 2015. The proof? Canadian Catalin Alexandru Duru has done a Marty McFly, flying his own creation and smashing a Guinness World Record while he was at it. 


The inventor from Canada crafted his very own, err, flying skateboard of sorts, and flew it 275.9 metres across Quebec’s Lake Ouareau.

It’s safe to say he made quite the splash, breaking the 50-metre hoverboard flight World Record (no, we didn’t know there was even one to break either) in superb style.

How did he do it, though? Well, it’s all in the design: downward-facing propellers attached to the board seem to have done the trick, allowing him to float effortlessly across the water.

Just look at him go.

Duru claims that the machine can be used anywhere and can reach “scary heights” which he is keen on potentially exploring in the near future. 


We’re not sure we’re ready for this, but chances are our grandkids are going to love making the daily commute on one of these.

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