Can you guess the age of the celebrity?

From Benedict Cumberbatch and Morgan Freeman to Jennifer Lawrence and Maggie Smith, see if you can guess how old these stars turned on their last birthday...

Block those search engines and see how many celebrities’ ages you can get right out of 20. Check each answer as you go with the reveal button.


Harrison Ford

Ford has a bumper load of big-name movies under his belt (Indian Jones, Star Wars, The Fugitive) but how many candles were on his last birthday cake?

Jack Nicholson

Nicholson’s looking pretty hip in those shades, but can you guess exactly how old this famous actor is?

Meryl Streep

From the Devil Wears Prada to Thatcher, Meryl has played numerous iconic women. But how many years young is the actress herself?

Dame Judi Dench

As James Bond secret service head M, Dench plays her cards very close to her chest. And quite rightly, a lady doesn’t discuss her age. But go on… have a guess!

Dakota Fanning

Could Dakota be younger than her packed film (Twilight, Coraline, Push) might suggest…?

Jennifer Lawrence 

With an Oscar under her belt ,and a starring role in the Hunger Games trilogy, JLaw is shooting up the ranks. But what age did Jennifer turn on her last birthday?

Daniel Craig

This Bond star is good at protecting secrets, but can you uncover his age?

Mary Berry

The sprightly Great British Bake Off judge stuns every week with her fab fashion choices. But when she celebrated her last birthday – probably with a funky fourteen-tiered cake – what age was she making a wish on?

Tom Hanks

He’s the talk of the town ahead of the release of his new film Captain Phillips, and you can probably name a whole bunch of his films, but can you get Hanks’s age spot on?

Peter Capaldi

We know he’s the 12th Doctor, but do you know how much time he’s spent on this planet so far?

Martin Freeman

The beloved star of The Office, Sherlock, The Hobbit boast boyish good looks, but with a sprinkling of grey – can you guess his age without sneaking a peek at the answer?

Louis Walsh

The long-standing X Factor judge has experience on his side, but how many years?

Bruce Forsyth

He’s graced our screens for many a year, but how old do you think Brucie is?

Tony Robinson 

Tony is an archaeology whizz, but if we looked back through his personal history what number would we unearth?

Cilla Black

Cilla’s about to bring Blind Date back to our screens and is due to pop up in Coronation Street. But will this telly fave’s age be a Surprise, Surprise?

Morgan Freeman

Batman, The Shawshank Redemption, Red, Evan Almighty… Freeman has appeared in around 80 films, but how many years has he notched up?

Sir David Jason

The Only Fools and Horses star is to return to our screens this Christmas in a one-off Open All Hours special. It’s been a while since he starred in the BBC sitcom, but do you know how old he is?

Emma Watson

As Harry Potter star Hermione Granger this actress certainly knew a spell or two. But she’s probably not too worried about turning the clock back just yet. But how many years old or young is she?

Benedict Cumberbatch

Now, if we had Sherlock’s skills we’d probably be able to deduce his age from just a slight flicker of his eyes. Sadly, we’re not, and this picture is a still. So we’ll have to guess. Or maybe we should ask you? Check your answer below.

Dame Maggie Smith

From keeping Harry Potter in check to gracing the glamorous rooms of Downton Abbey, how many years do you think Dame Maggie Smith has under her belt/corset?

How many did you get right out of 20?

1 – 5: Aw shucks. You’ll do better next time. Now that you know the answers and all.

5 – 10: Not bad. You probably won’t get an invite to their next birthday party, but close enough.

10 – 15: Wowee, look who knows their celebrities!

15 – 20: OK, did you actually go to all their birthday parties?