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Try your hand at the conundrums that confounded even the professionals…

Published: Wednesday, 31st January 2018 at 4:21 pm

Only Connect

1. What is the connection between these clues? Cream, quotation marks, tennis matches and yellow lines.

2. What would come next in this sequence? Reed, bible, bonnet, ?

3. What comes next in this sequence? Central = 1, Circle = 2, District = 3, ?

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Victoria’s answers…

1. This round-one question (“What is the connection between these clues?”) is fiendish in a very particular way. It’s the perfect sort of Only Connect question: everybody knows the answer, but not everybody can look in the right compartment of their brain to find it. You know the answer. I promise. The answer is… they all come in single or double varieties. Simple as that!

I remember its fiendishness because, although half the viewers will have got the answer, the other half will have kicked themselves so hard their ankles turned blue.

2. This one is ridiculous in a whole different way. This is not something everybody knows. It’s a sequence (so “What would come fourth?”) and the answer is… I would say “spoiler alert” but you might as well read on because if you didn’t get it immediately then you never will. It’s “paunch”. Why? Because they’re slang terms for the series of chambers in a cow’s stomach, of course! (Going backwards – the paunch is actually the first chamber and the reed is the fourth.) I mean, for heaven’s sake! Would it not have been difficult enough if the sequence went forwards?

Sometimes our question-setters are genuinely sadistic. The QI Elves – one of the most brilliant and popular teams we’ve ever had – were left in the dust by this baffling poser. Sadly for them, there was a fully qualified vet on the other team. When he got it for a bonus point, we all applauded.

3. This sequence question is somewhere in between the two other questions in terms of difficulty. It does require some external knowledge, but nothing quite as arcane as the successive pockets of a ruminant’s stomach. You might realise the words are all lines on the London Underground. You should realise the numbers are in a sequence. But what do the numbers mean? Why, they are… the values of coloured balls in snooker!

The Central line is red (worth 1), the Circle is yellow (worth 2) and the District is green (worth 3). So the answer is Bakerloo – brown, worth 4. This question is typical of our show in that it’s very satisfying and very annoying at the same time.


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