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Can you answer the toughest questions from your favourite quiz shows?

Try your hand at the conundrums that confounded even the professionals…

Published: Wednesday, 31st January 2018 at 4:21 pm

The Chase

1. In which sport does Fanny Chmelar compete for Germany? Swimming, showjumping or skiing?

2. Lammergeier is a species of which bird? Vulture, crow or falcon?

3. The song lyric “I’m gonna be your number one” appears in which Blondie number-one hit? Call Me, The Tide Is High or Heart of Glass?

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Bradley’s answers…

1. Who doesn’t know about Fanny Chmelar? People shout her name at me ALL the time. I always knew The Chase was great, but the turning point came when a video clip of me corpsing over this question went viral – it seemed to introduce the show as an entertainment show as well. We’ve never looked back. I genuinely don’t see the questions before the show, I just play along with the contestants, and the question writers try to catch me out. I’ve grown wise to their wily ways, but they’ll still catch me out with the occasional plum. And Fanny, I now know, is a skier.

2. Although it seems quite an innocent question, it was asked of a brilliant contestant, Russell, who turned out to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of lammergeiers. He explained how lammergeiers swoop down and catch tortoises, take them up to a great height and drop them onto large stones in order to kill them, but it had been known for someone to be killed by a falling tortoise as the lammergeier had mistaken his bald head for a large stone. I loved Russell, and it was the perfect combination of contestant and question – and a lammergeier is a vulture.

3. Stacey Solomon appeared on one of our Celebrity shows. Now Stacey is really bright, but she had no belief in herself, and she said to me before the show, “Brad, I’m going to go high, then I’ll get caught quickly, and it won’t matter.” So she took the high offer. Through a combination of her knowing more stuff than she thought she knew, and guesswork, she was about to go through with £60,000 against the Governess. When the answer was revealed – The Tide Is High – and Stacey got it right, the audience went bonkers.


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