Can Ant and Dec make a move to the USA work?

Here, they've won 13 consecutive National Televison Awards for best presenter; over there no-one's even heard of Byker Grove or Twiglets...

Presenting double act Ant and Dec are gearing up for another crack at the US, according to reports.


The Geordie duo first tried their luck Stateside in 2008 with variety stunt show Wanna Bet!, but it just didn’t seem to stick.

The pair are probably best known over here for fronting reality hits Britain’s Got Talent and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! But it seems they’ll take the leap with their ‘don’t just watch the adverts, win them’ show, Saturday Night Takeaway.

“There’s been some interest from the States,” Dec tells the Mirror. “We have had a couple of meetings over there about it. It could be called Saturday Night Take-Out!”

But would it work?

For starters, has anyone in the US even heard of Byker Grove? Do they know all of the dance moves to Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble or that Ant always stands on Dec’s right? There’s history here people. They can’t just be those guys that pop up in Love Actually.

The concept of taking a Saturday night show to the US seems a little flawed in itself. Saturday night isn’t traditionally the big telly night in America.

There’s a reason The Tonight Show – which recently saw 11.3 million tune in for Jimmy Fallon’s first time in charge – is on a Monday.

And why go now? With 13 consecutive National Televison Awards for best presenter it would be unlucky to leave without winning at least one more. Why not stay where the fans adore them? Where we love their little jibes at the Prime Minister on I’m A Celeb, and get it when they talk about Twiglets.

Even Simon Cowell, who is currently “resting” US X Factor, admits the States isn’t the place to be making TV shows right now.

“I don’t know why any show would want to be in America right now – anyone – because it’s a too tough market,” Cowell told BANG Showbiz this month.

And he makes a show with dancing dogs work…

It’s believed Ant and Dec won’t actually try the move again until 2015, wrapping up another jungle jaunt and buzzer-filled BGT series. Perhaps they’ll time it just right? Although, if it means we won’t get any more of this, it might be better if it fails and they have to stay… 

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