Cambridge University are hiring a Professor of Lego

Sort out your CV now and prove that learning really can be fun

Cambridge University is looking for a new professor to study the building blocks of life. And we don’t mean DNA.


Yes, the prestigious university really is open to applications to become their new Professor of Lego, starting in the next academic year.

The job will involve advancing “research in the role of play in education, development, and learning especially in early childhood”, and will be funded by a £2.5 million grant from the Lego Foundation.

The full title will be the Lego Professorship of Play in Education, Development, and Learning. Professor of Play Time has a better ring to it…

Unfortunately, if you want the job you’ll have to prove that you’re more than a mean brick builder. The post is “open to all those whose work falls within the general field of the title of the office” according to a university report – which in plain English means that creating your very own Doctor Who Lego video game probably won’t cut it.


That said, we really think this dad who made a Jurassic Park Lego movie with his 8-year-old daughter deserves a shot.