Bryan Cranston just swore live on Good Morning Britain

The casual expletive was met with nervous laughter by presenters Kate Garraway and Ranvir Singh


Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston just very casually swore live on Good Morning Britain.


The actor – famed for his portrayal of badass Walter White – is clearly somewhat of a dissident himself, as he loudly and proudly said the word “s***e” on daytime television.

As presenter Kate Garraway revealed he had been “mobbed” in the green room, she asked Cranston if he was constantly approached by people obsessed with his role in Breaking Bad.

“No, some people come up to me and say, ‘I’ve seen your work and you’ve done loads and loads of s***e, but now you’ve done Breaking Bad and other things…’ Those people you just have to dismiss.”

The word in question came just after a segment about whether people should swear in front of their children.

Asked about the moment he knew Breaking Bad was a hit, he said: “I think it was when the traffic signs that had arrows of where we’re supposed to park our cars when we’re on location and they said Breaking Bad – when those Breaking Bad signs were being stolen…

“Why would they steal the signs? And that’s like, something’s happening… it had this effect on people.”


Cranston was on the show to discuss his latest film Wakefield, which is released on DVD next month.