Big Brother 2014: Who is Pauline Bennett?

The 49-year-old from Wolverhampton enjoyed a top 10 single with Kylie Minogue and says her son is the most important person in her life

Name: Pauline Bennett


Age: 49

From: Wolverhampton

Occupation: Former singer

Three things you should know… 

* Are you a nineties kid? You might know Pauline as Jazzi P, the singer who once had a top ten single – Shocked – with Kylie Minogue. But then she told Kylie she thought her songs were s**t. Maybe that’s why we’ve never heard from her since…

* Pauline turns the big 5-0 during her time on Big Brother and thinks she’d make “the old prankster of the house”. 


* Her all-time idol is Maya Angelou whose poetry helped her come to terms with her ethnicity when she was younger. “Her strong words empower black women and give them a sense of purpose,” says Pauline.