What is your favourite TV channel? Vote NOW…

There are thousands of channels to choose from in the UK – but if you could only watch one, which would it be?


What is Britain’s favourite TV channel? RadioTimes.com wants YOU to vote and decide…


It’s a simple question with a not quite so simple answer. With thousands of channels to choose from, from terrestrial staples through to satellite exclusives, everyone’s choice is different.

And with streaming services now such a major part of many people’s viewing habits, maybe your go-to ‘channel’ doesn’t even have a schedule?

But if you could only watch one channel, which would you pick?

In our list below, we’ve decided to include services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

While they may not work to a traditional schedule, they, just like the online-only BBC3, make shows designed to grab viewers attention – and keep them coming back for more.

Similarly, online sites such as foreign drama specialists Walter Presents and reality TV devotees Hayu also make the list our poll of Britain’s favourite TV channels – just like any other TV channel, they pick shows they hope fans will fall in love with.

The 80 channels listed below represent the whole variety of the British TV landscape, but if your favourite is not listed then you can always write in your own selection at the bottom.


What is the one TV channel you couldn’t do without? Vote now…