Monty the Penguin voted best ever John Lewis Christmas advert readers picked the 2014 advert about a boy and his penguin over some formidable competition

Monty the Penguin, John Lewis ad screengrab

British retailer John Lewis has built quite a reputation with heartfelt Christmas adverts, which for many signify the official start of the festive period.


The last decade or so has seen so many iconic ads that when we asked our readers which was their favourite, it was anybody’s guess which would come out on top.

But after 1,000 votes were cast, we can reveal that victory goes to 2014’s Monty The Penguin, about a young boy who wants a friend for his beloved pet.

(I’m not crying, there’s just dust in my eye.)

Monty had a decisive victory, cleaning up 25 per cent of the vote, with second place going to 2013’s The Bear and the Hare (20 per cent), and a three-way tie for third place between 2007’s Shadows, 2015’s Man on the Moon and 2016’s Buster the Boxer with 10 per cent each.

Joint last place went to 2008’s From Me To You and 2010’s A Tribute To Givers, with a measly one per cent of the vote each.

This week, John Lewis revealed its 2019 Christmas advert which follows an excitable dragon called Edgar who accidentally ruins festivities for a small village thanks to his fiery breath.


The advert was watched over seven million times on YouTube in its first 48 hours, but critics weren’t too impressed.