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Benedict Cumberbatch could not have been more British on US television last night

The Doctor Strange star played a bizarre game of Mad Lib with chat show host Jimmy Fallon

Published: Friday, 4th November 2016 at 9:44 am

Benedict Cumberbatch is a serious, professional actor – but even he cannot keep a straight face when interrogating Jimmy Fallon with the words: "Why does security camera footage show you gyrating just half a millimetre away from the crime scene?"


While appearing on The Tonight Show, the Doctor Strange star was persuaded to play Mad Lib Theatre.

Talk show host Fallon asked him to come up with words to fill in the gaps of his script, and Cumberbatch sure did have some unusual suggestions: crumbs, flibbertigibbet and badger, to name but a few. (Nobody could ever doubt that Cumberbatch is British.)

Then it was time for the performance, in which Ukrainian criminal Mrs Tate (Fallon) was accused of stealing eggs on the night of Hannukah to fund her unusual plastic surgery. The whole thing almost broke Cumberbatch completely.


But while Fallon giggled, Cumberbatch was a master at keeping the laughter at bay...


Watch the full video here:


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