Behind the scenes: Ant and Dec’s extreme makeover for Gordon Ramsay prank

Ant and Dec undergo huge transformation to trick the firey chef on Saturday Night Takeaway

What do Ant and Dec need to prank chef Gordon Ramsay? A ruddy good disguise.


You’ve seen how angry Ramsay gets, right? Yep, we’d definitely want to look different.

And by the magic of a lot of make up and prosthetics…

(this is Ant)

(this is Dec)

… enter Juan & Son, two builders who work for a company with the proud catchphrase: Buy Juan, Get Juan Free.

Fetching right?

The duo head to Ramsay’s dressing room, where they cause absolute havoc. We don’t get to see that yet. We’ll just have to marvel at how dodgy Juan and Juan look some more…

There’s a lot of this, naturally. 

Then they have a laugh about it as Ramsay no doubt plans his cold, hard revenge…

See the prank this Saturday night, 7:00pm, ITV