BBC News presenters take on Mannequin Challenge for Children in Need

The day the Earth (or at least the newsroom) stood still


Unless you’ve engaged in a complete internet blackout over the last few weeks (which might not have been the worst idea) then you’ve probably come across the Mannequin Challenge, in which a large group of people are filmed standing perfectly still in various positions while a song (usually Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd) plays in the background.


Now, the BBC news team are the latest group to pick up the mannequin baton, delivering a fairly in-depth freeze-frame of their newsroom in an aim to promote Children in Need.


It’s a pretty good effort – wobbles are limited and there’s no corpsing to speak of – and the crowning shot of a Pudsey arm wrestle outdoes many a Mannequin Challenge for a memorable finishing shot. Looks like there’s still game in this still game yet.