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BBC is "seriously considering" a BBC3 hour on BBC2

Exclusive: Briefing document has been circulated among the Corporation's top executives - but the time of the slot could prove tricky

Published: Thursday, 1st December 2016 at 10:34 am

Senior BBC executives are understood to have formulated plans for a designated BBC3 hour on one of the main terrestrials channels.


The plans, which have been put forward in a briefing document and are understood to have been circulated among the Corporation’s executive board, puts forwards the arguments for a designated slot – most likely on BBC2.

BBC3 has been online for nearly a year now with ad hoc showings on the main terrestrial channels of the best programmes such as the acclaimed abduction drama Thirteen.

But BBC3 shows, which also includes the Doctor Who spin-off Class, haven’t found a permanent regular home - and that may change. understands that the briefing document has prompted senior executives to seriously discuss the possibility of establishing a “BBC3 hour” which will air the best stuff at some fixed point in the schedule.

But where? understands that some executives want the BBC3 hour to air on BBC2 at 10pm but that would mean pushing Newsnight to 11pm – or even moving Newsnight to the BBC News Channel.

However, another permanent home is more likely.


Given the fierce internal battles earlier this year when BBC1’s 10pm news bulletin extended from a 30 to a 45 minute slot - which saw it eat into Newsnight’s 10.30 start time on BBC2 – it is understood that that is a fight that the Corporation's director general Tony Hall is not keen to have again.


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