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Basil Brush pays tribute to former co-star Derek Fowlds at his funeral

The classic kids' TV character popped up from behind the pulpit to deliver a "boom boom!" for "Mr Derek"

Published: Thursday, 20th February 2020 at 9:50 am

Beloved kids' TV character Basil Brush made a surprise appearance at the funeral of Derek Fowlds, paying tribute to his former co-star.


Saying a final goodbye to “Mr Derek” ­– who starred in The Basil Brush show for four years from 1969 ­– the fox delivered a heartfelt poem after popping up from behind the pulpit.

Rev Andrew Evans, who oversaw the service in Holt, Wiltshire, revealed that Brush also included some signature puns alongside his famous catchphrase.

"He did some 'Booms, Booms' and even sang a little bit of one of their songs,” Rev Evans told BBC News, adding his special appearance was “very touching”.

Here's the poem in full…

Mr Derek by Basil Brush

Mr Derek, Mr Derek, Mr Derek, what is a fox to do,

I've gone and lost my Mister, won't be the same without you.

How we always made 'em laugh, with sketches and with song,

I'd interrupt, then disrupt, we went on far too long.

Stars begged to see the show, that much is not contested,

Big names of the 70s, even some who weren't arrested.

You'd read a daring story about knights in shining armour,

Bucaneering Basil and then Basil De Farmer.

Companions upon the stage and friends when in the bar,

But you were so talented dear friend, I knew you would go far.

Just four years we did, it seemed so many more.

Actors Derek Fowlds and Paul Eddington in Yes Minister
Actors Derek Fowlds and Paul Eddington in Yes Minister

Derek Fowlds, also known for starring in Yes Minister and Heartbeat, died last month, aged 82.


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