Bargain Hunt contestant gets more than she bargained for after partner proposes on air

What a bobby dazzler

Bargain Hunt proposal

Surrounded by bric-a-brac in a muddy tent in Derbyshire might not be everyone’s idea of the perfect place to pop the question, but it definitely is if you’re a Bargain Hunt fan.


That’s exactly what happened for Alison Cook, who got the shock of her life when partner Tony Chambers proposed to her while the pair were contestants on the BBC1 show.

It’s the first (and quite probably the last) time that a Bargain Hunt proposal has taken place, and it certainly needed a lot of planning.

Tony said, “This was a one-off opportunity that no-one has ever done, and quite possibly won’t ever do again. It was a really unique moment. I thought that doing it on Bargain Hunt would be a brilliant way of capturing it forever.”

He also revealed that he “worked really closely with the production team” to make sure everything would go to plan. Although one thing he didn’t bargain on was Alison not being able to actually read the inscription on the ring.

Bargain Hunt proposal
Bargain Hunt proposal (BBC)

“I had to read it out to her,” he adds. “I was confident she’d say yes, and am very glad she did! It’s definitely a moment we’ll both remember.”

Alison added that her plan for going on the show was “to win” and that she was “definitely the winner” after getting engaged on the show, which is due to air on Friday 12th January on BBC1.

“I wasn’t quite sure what everyone was playing at during filming, but there was something sneaky going on,” she said. “I’d been hen-pecking Tony for a while about getting engaged but he kept on telling me he’d do it in his own time. So when he actually popped the question on the show, well, I think my face says it all. I was absolutely over the moon and couldn’t quite believe it.”

We just hope they keep the blue fleeces to wear for the ceremony.


Bargain Hunt airs weekdays at 12.15pm on BBC1. Watch the proposal episode in full on Friday 12th January