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Backstage at Britain's Got Talent: what to expect from tonight's last semi-final

Impressionist Danny Posthill teases which BGT stars are being impersonated tonight, the Beat Brothers talk tricks and tumbles and Calum Scott reveals what it's like being Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer act

Published: Friday, 29th May 2015 at 5:00 pm

It's the last of the Britain's Got Talent semi-finals tonight and backstage is bursting with energy. Amid the dress rehearsals, make-up appointments and costume fittings, I caught up with some of tonight's acts to find out how they're feeling and get a taste of what they'll be getting up to on stage tonight...


The Beat Brothers

Tap dancing act The Beat Brothers are literally stepping it up for the semi-final with a large set of stairs making up part of their staging. Stairs, they joke, that have tripped them up “many times” during rehearsals. In fact, there’s a travelator too, and it was accidentally turned on while one of the dancers was standing on it. “I slammed on the floor,” he revealed.

They’re all injury free for now, but are aware their act has a bit of danger to it, what with new flips and tricks being added. “It’s a bit scary, there’s a lot to take into account. It’s quite high and there’s nothing behind us. If you fall, you’re a goner.”

And while judge David Walliams joked the act could be improved with the lads being topless, they’re keeping that card close to their, er, chests. “If he puts us through, then that might be an element in the final,” they teased. 

Calum Scott

Lucky Calum Scott enters tonight’s semi-final as Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer. That brings with it pressure, admits the singer, but “good pressure".

"There’s a lot of expectation but it means I’ve raised my game to meet them," Calum revealed. He’s sticking with the formula that worked so well last time and is putting his own spin on an existing track. “The song I’ve got is a song from way back, which has been covered and then I’ve done a cover; so it’s like a third generation cover.”

Scott’s hoping to have a little “pep talk” with Cowell before tonight. But he’s got support in the crowd, with his sister (who herself took part in this year’s auditions) there to cheer him on. “She’s 110% behind me. She was obviously distraught by what happened and so was I, but there’s been no bad feelings between us. We’re still really really close. If not closer.” 

Danny Posthill 

Impressionist Danny Posthill is bringing Michael McIntyre back to BGT tonight and he’s also going to be doing impressions of the show’s own co-hosts Ant and Dec. If Danny makes it into this Sunday’s final, he’s got a few ideas up his sleeve, including impersonating one of this year’s acts, Lorraine Bowen (we need to see that right?). And if Danny hop, skips and jumps to the Royal Variety Show, then he has even bigger plans. “Everyone does Prince Charles, so i’m sure he’d be at risk of an impression. The Queen I could probably give a good go, but if you get it wrong you’re in so much trouble…” 

Danny, of course, is hoping to get all of the judges on side (he admits he used to fancy Amanda Holden when he was 15-years-old) but the main man he’s got his eye on is David Walliams. “David might help me out,” he said of his future career. “That’d be nice. I’ve got a lot of respect for David. Little Britain is hilarious. He’s very good with voices. I’ve never seen him do it, but I’m sure David would be a very good impressionist.”


Well, Misstasia have a very good plan for tonight. To give an almighty hint, the Disney singers are performing Amanda Holden’s absolute favourite song. “The minute the song starts she’ll be like, 'there it is',” the girls revealed. They’re eager to show off their vocals and harmonies and admit they don’t want to come across too “sickly sweet” after Simon Cowell admitted they could be either the best or most annoying idea for a band yet. “It’s not a sickly sweet song, we’ve put our own twist on it,” they told me.

Chloe Louise Crawford

Vegas magician Chloe Louise Crawford returns to the stage tonight. Giving a hint about her performance, she explained that’s it’s a different style compared to her original audition. She dazzled the judges with a disappearing motorcycle act the first time around but revealed there will be a change of pace. “I hope that they accept it’s a different style. I’m not talking to them, or addressing them, it’s just about the act being what it is and for two minutes believing in magic.” 

Swapping her usual role as a magician’s assistant (she works alongside her husband in Vegas), Chloe hopes the female contingent will be impressed by her act. “A man would normally be in my position, so it’s a bit of a girl power thing. I hop the girls will like it.” 

What about the fact that another magician, Jamie Raven, is already in the final? Chloe doesn't see a problem. "All the magicians have been very different this year."


See Britain's Got Talent tonight from 7:30pm on ITV


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