The Bake Off will soon be back on our telly screens. But there's a chance innuendo lovers might be in for a little disappointment.


It seems the show's comedy co-hosts Mel and Sue are running out of puns.

"There’s only a certain amount of puns you can make about buns," Mel Giedroyc told The Guardian.

The pair are renowned for referencing jugs, horns, buns and lovely sausages on the hit baking show - and brightening up moments of high tension in the Bake Off tent. But they warn that their jolly antics might not last much longer.

"We started with double entendres about rings and tarts and buns and then you get to the single entendre where you are literally just going round and saying that looks like a penis," said Sue Perkins.

I wouldn't get too worried, though.

Later on in the interview judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry seemed more than willing to take up the naughtiness baton.

"I’ve already had trouble from him this morning," said Berry. "I was making very normal comments about the size of somebody’s pasty."

"You said you like a big one," said Hollywood.

And that was enough to get Sue's innuendo producing juices flowing.

"She likes a big ball in her mouth. Mary’s the worst… she always says she likes the taste of plums in her mouth. Nobody makes her say that."


The Great British Bake Off will be on BBC1 later this year