Ant and Dec’s best undercover celebrity pranks

Simon Cowell, One Direction, Gordon Ramsay... they've all fallen victim to the mischievous antics of the Saturday Night Takeaway hosts


Saturday Night Takeaway hosts Ant and Dec have a penchant for pranks and no trick is too big, no prosthetic too far. Over the years the wind ups have got bigger and better, with tonight’s trick on The Late Late Show host James Corden in LA.


As we wait to see what mischief they manage this time, check out some old favourites, which are jam-packed with laughs. Especially when you notice Simon Cowell’s hair…

Ant and Dec fool One Direction 

For this prank, the 1D lads were made to believe they were being interviewed for a New Zealand morning show. It’s Dec, pretending to be an over-excited fan, singing about his dead dog to the tune of What Makes You Beautiful that easily makes it one of their best tricks.

Simon Cowell gets pranked

With some pretty naff disguises (and even worse American accents) it’s hard to believe Simon Cowell didn’t twig earlier. But he’s in the American Idol zone and his irritation in the face of a trick makes it all the more amusing.

Gordon Ramsay swears a lot

It’s perhaps no surprise that when the lads decided Gordon Ramsay would be a good target, the bleep machine had to work overtime. Ant and Dec flew all the way to Hollywood to catch Chef Ramsay out while he was filming MasterChef USA. After disrupting filming with some dodgy DIY they proceeded to lock him in his dressing room with not-so-handy Dec who was clogging up his toilet. You can imagine how it went down…

Girls not allowed

Girls Aloud endured a toe-curling interview with two nuns who aren’t too impressed with their raunchy dancing in this classic prank. The girls were probably grateful it did turn out to be Ant and Dec…

Ant and Dec make a dummy out of Olly Murs

Poor, unsuspecting Olly Murs thought he was visiting Madame Tussauds to have his final waxwork measurements done. What he didn’t know was the ‘brand new’ machine he was using was rigged to zap him and cover him with gunge. All while wearing a very unforgiving grey lycra onesie…


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