Get ready to see a brand new batch of aspiring jewellers showing off their skills as Katherine Ryan is back for a second season of All That Glitters.


Kicking off this Thursday 25th August at 9pm, the second season will see eight contestants going head-to-head in a series of challenges in a bid to be crowned Britain's top jeweller for 2022.

The latest season sees jewellery world titan Dinny Hall join the judging panel alongside Shaun Leane. Together, they'll decide who will earn the title of Jeweller of the Week and who will be going home, before announcing the winner.

The Birmingham School of Jewellery (part of Birmingham City University) revealed this year's line-up ahead of the launch.

As the show returns, here's everything you need to know about the All That Glitters 2022 cast.

All That Glitters 2022 cast

Bonnie Hay

All That Glitters season 2 contestant Bonnie Hay

Age: 40

Instagram: @troubled_maker

Bonnie is a jeweller and metal technician from Birmingham.

She first started loving jewellery when she was a child and made a pair of earrings with her father for her mother.

"I have always been creative," she said. "I studied Fine Art at uni and would make jewellery as presents for people, and that just took over everything after I graduated. I realised that it was a great way to connect with people, and it was a fantastic medium for self-expression."

David Lilly

All That Glitters season 2 contestant David Lilly

Age: 60

Instagram: @davidjlillyjewellery

David Lilly is a jeweller and stained-glass window maker from Chichester in West Sussex, where he lives with his husband. His daring sense of style comes from his personality and unique perspective as a colourblind person.

When asked what he learnt from taking part in the BBC series, David said: "The most interesting part is that we were given a restricted amount of materials and we had to work with boundaries, like a limited amount of time. I think it's always interesting to have boundaries to work in because invariably the piece that you make is better. That was a very different way of working, which was really interesting in itself."

Emma White

All That Glitters season 2 contestant Emma White

Age: 45

Instagram: @emma.white.jewellery

Emma is jewellery school owner and teacher from Leeds. A mum-of-three and three stepchildren, she's a very busy woman, whose inspiration comes from the stories she's heard.

She said: "My nan was a real glamour puss. She had this amazing jewellery box full of '60s crystals and everything sparkly and beautiful. I used to love to have a rummage through there. My mother is also of that ilk, she used to make necklaces with us and trawl all the gothic shops. I ended up at art college in school. When I went to the jewellery department, I felt like I had come home."

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Tianne-Louise Simmons

All That Glitters season 2 contestant Tianne

Age: 25

Instagram: @tsfinejewellery

Originally from East London, Tianne is a 25-year-old stone setter who currently lives in Berskshire. Her inspiration comes from her dad who is a diamond mounter. Tianne decided to follow in his footsteps at the age of 18, and loves to make mechanical pieces.

Speaking of the competition, Tianne said: "I learnt so much about myself. It taught me to be more patient and have more confidence in myself. When the challenges were happening, I thought, I don’t know what I’m doing here – but it meant I needed to be more patient.

"That gave me the chance to have space and time to learn new skills. I had to actually slow the process down and take a moment to think about what I’m doing [and] not just knocking it out. Sometimes the planning of the piece actually takes longer than the making of it. I always tried to just get the plan in place and get it right the first time, as you wouldn’t have time to fix it!"

Piers Carpenter

All That Glitters season 2 contestant Piers

Age: 25

Instagram: @pierscarpenterjewellery

Piers is a 25-year-old jeweller from Kent where he lives with his wife. He currently works in an antique jewellery store and loves to wear Victorian style pieces that have a story.

On how he got into jewellery making, he said: "We were going through family photographs the other day and I was a baby – maybe three or four – and I always had some sort of chain or necklace on. It started before I actually knew it! I had a piece of jewellery made when I was 12 or 13 in my local jewellers, and I suppose that sparked my interest. My mum knew the guy who owned that shop and I worked there for five or six years before the jeweller took me on and taught me."

Nyanda 'Rudi' Yekwai

All That Glitters season 2 contestant Nyanda

Age: 49

Instagram: @soulvisionary_jewels

Nyanda is a goldsmith from East London. She began her creative journey through sculpting and painting, and eventually branched out into jewellery making.

"I've always been creative and interested in drawing and photography. I was always interested in jewellery, but I didn't think humans made it," she admitted.

"I know that sounds really stupid, but you just buy jewellery! I met a lady when I was young and she was the first person I saw making drill bits and that’s how I discovered it. I think it's something you can do from home, I don't need a studio."

Jack Mitchell

All That Glitters season 2 contestant Jack

Age: 35

Instagram: @jackmitchelljewellery

Jack is a jeweller from Bristol. Inspired by his goldsmith dad, Jack started making his own jewellery from the age of nine.

Talking of his route into the industry, he explained: "I didn’t do very well in school, so when I was 17 years old I did an apprenticeship to be a goldsmith. My dad also did it, which is another reason why I might have got into it."

Steve Ali

All That Glitters season 2 contestant Steve

Age: 29

Instagram: @road_from_damascus

Steve is from London, where he lives with his family and three cats. Although he goes by the name Steve, his birth name is Mustafa. He is a Syrian native and lived there until he was 20. During the war, he was displaced and made his way to the Calais Jungle on foot, and it's here where he made his first piece of jewellery.

"I was in Damascus, Syria when the war broke out and I had to flee at the age of 20," he revealed. "I walked across Europe on foot up to France. It was in the Calais Jungle refugee camp that I discovered jewellery making. When I was there, I made myself a few pieces of jewellery from random materials like nails and wires and whatever waste items I could find there.

"I was also working with the volunteers at the time, helping out in the in the camp, and one of them noticed what I was wearing and it turned out that she was a silversmith. I was interested in silversmithing and so she introduced me to it, and that was my introduction really to jewellery making."

All That Glitters 2022 starts on BBC Two at 9pm on Thursday 25th August. If you’re looking for something else to watch, check out our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Entertainment hub.


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