Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler stumbles across New York weather report

This lucky CNN reporter had some famous guests to interview during Storm Jonas


New York has been clobbered with a ton of snow thanks to Storm Jonas so spare a thought for the poor weather reporters who’ve got a raw deal as they’re packed off to cover the event live on the city’s icy streets.


That is unless you’re this lucky CNN correspondent who came across Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and his daughter Mia strolling through the snow in the midst of the blizzard.

The singer was in town from Boston to visit his family and gave a little shoutout to his two grandsons before telling viewers he was going to “hunker down” for the storm.

“I’m going to hunker down” for the storm, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler tells CNN. #Blizzard2016

— CNN (@CNN) January 23, 2016


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