Adele invites young fan on stage, realises she knows her, freaks out

The superstar got a shock when she invited two little girls to join her in Amsterdam...


Global superstar Adele is currently on a sold out world tour and, while she was performing in Amsterdam, pulled two young fans up onto the stage with her.


Nothing new there, right?

Wrong. Because it turns out the 28-year-old London-born star actually knew one of them – although it took a while for the penny to drop…

“Oh my god, no way! I knew you when you were a baby!” Adele cried, when she eventually realised that the little girl is the daughter of her cello player. “You were like two weeks old when I met you.”

This was followed by many more ‘Oh my god’s. It’s possibly the most Adele reaction ever.


Clearly she’s still struggling to conceal her surprise…