A lot of tears were shed over last night’s episode of First Dates Hotel

Julie’s story of love and loss shocked viewers


Stories of heartbreak are not uncommon on dating shows, but one woman’s experience of loss especially shocked First Dates Hotel viewers last night.


Opening up during her date with singleton Dave, Julie revealed that her husband was shot and killed in front of her while on holiday in south-east Asia.

“We were backpacking in the Philippines and we got accosted and he got shot,” she explained.

“We were in quite an isolated place and unfortunately we were accosted and held up at gunpoint and for whatever reason, I don’t know why, they decided to shoot him.

“I witnessed everything obviously, but it’s not a memory, it’s just a black space. The next thing I know is someone helping me, and he’s gone,” she said.


Viewers were shocked and heartbroken over Julie’s story…

It appears that Julie didn’t quite feel the spark with Dave, but they’ve decided to be friends.


First Dates Hotel continues next Monday at 10pm on Channel 4