A First Dates guest got Fred Sirieix’s name wrong and viewers were unimpressed: “Oh the shame!”

"Cheers Frank." "It's Fred." *Covers face with embarrassment*


Fred, Frank – what’s the difference, right? First Dates maître d’ Fred Sirieix may fancy himself as a TV star and dating expert, but one visitor to his restaurant dealt a blow to his ego by calling him “Frank”.


Luckily he took it in his stride, shooting back “it’s Fred” but then telling her not to worry as she giggled in embarrassment.

But though some viewers were less than impressed, Teddy and Tallulah soon won them over with a charming date.

And Teddy even praised Fred’s good looks, observing: “He is quite a handsome man though. If I was going to go for a male, I’d probably choose him.”

Pink-haired Tallulah, 21, was a little worried that 26-year-old Teddy didn’t like her – so she was beyond delighted when Teddy wanted to see her again and even continue the date. The two headed off for drinks…


First Dates continues on 12th December at 10pm on Channel 4