Along with new rules, new hazards and a 10-robot rumble, there’s another first in the brand new series of Robot Wars tomorrow – the programme’s very first “satirical robot,” in the form of a combat machine called Donald Thump. Remind you of anyone?

Created by 23-year-old Junior Doctor James Davies from Hereford, the thatch-topped metal reimagining of the current US President will compete in tomorrow’s first episode of the series, with a mission statement to “Make Robot Wars Great Again” in whatever way possible.

“You have never seen a robot like this before,” Davies says. “It is one of the greatest. It is so powerful. It has got wheels. It has got spinners, weapons and metal. It has all the bits.”

More specifically, Donald Thump boasts a vertical spinning bar weapon, 3mm hardened steel armour and a top speed of 15 mph, with weakneses including extreme flammability (the hair is made of straw, after all) and susceptibility to Fake News.

And in an episode that also sees the return of Behemoth team captain Ant Pritchard (who apparently stormed off last series after his team lost to a robot piloted by children) we’re betting it won't just be the biting satire that has sparks flying this series.

Robot Wars returns to BBC2 on Sunday 22nd October at 8.00pm