7 writers who’ve made cameo appearances in the screen adaptions

After John Le Carré arrived in BBC's The Night Manager, we look at more authors who've written and starred




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When Corky (Tom Hollander) had a very public meltdown during the fourth episode of BBC’s gripping drama, it wasn’t just any restaurant goer caught up in it. In fact, it was famed writer John Le Carré who had his fish supper ruined. It fell to Tom Hiddleston as Andrew Birch (Or should that be Thomas Quince? Or Jonathan Pine?) to turn on the charm – and splash the cash – to rectify the situation.

It’s not Carré’s first cameo. Here he is in the movie makeover of his tale Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy playing a guest at an M16 Christmas party.

You have to be quick to spot author James Dashner at the end of The Maze Runner film. But with some fast pausing skills you’ll see him when the action cuts to inside WCKD. Dashner is to Chancellor Ava Paige’s right, seemingly involved in the plan that put the Gladers in the maze in the first place.


The Twilight wedding was quite something to behold. Not because vamps were going around biting everyone’s necks. But because it was simply beautiful. So author Stephanie Meyer couldn’t miss out, could she? Nestled among Bella and Edward’s guests in a stunning pink lace dress is the writer herself. She also popped up in the original Twilight films as a diner in the restaurant Bella meets her dad Charlie in.


This is savvy cameo work from author Emily Griffin. She appears in the big-screen adaptation of her book Something Borrowed as an onlooker reading a book. She’s not just reading any book though. Oh, no it’s the sequel – Something Blue. Good work.


Benchley brought us the multi-million selling thriller Jaws and had to take a bite out of the action when it hit cinemas, too. Here he is reporting on the recent shark attacks:

Lee Child’s 2005 novel was brought to life in 2012 with Tom Cruise in the titular role. The author himself appears as a sergeant who returns Reacher’s possessions (that folding toothbrush) when he’s bailed from jail.

“The sergeant would have no lines, but he had to shrug, a little quizzically,” Child explained of his appearance. “On one level, it was the sergeant commenting on Reacher’s theories. On another, it was me, looking at Cruise, and saying: He’s doing okay.”



Stockett’s sensational The Help hit bookshelves in 2009. The critically-acclaimed film arrived in 2011. And, amid the action, Stockett herself slipped into a scene centred on the Junior League, bouffant perfectly in place.