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7 funky moves to inspire Dermot O'Leary's danceathon

The X Factor presenter needs to keep moving for 24-hours to raise money for Comic Relief and these specially selected stylish steps could help... (it is for charity after all)

Published: Monday, 9th March 2015 at 5:15 pm

TV and radio presenter Dermot O'Leary is embarking on a 24-hour danceathon this Thursday in aid of Comic Relief, so to help out, I've handpicked some funky moves to inspire him.


Dermot's in training obviously; 24 hours is actually rather a long time. It was a drunk idea. He'll know for next time.

Apparently, we should look out for the Running Man. This is a go-to O'Leary move. But what else will he dish up? Well, I think he could learn a few things from these sassy gentlemen...

The Pitt Point

If in doubt, Dermot can simply wave his hands around like he just doesn't care. Lycra optional.

The Smithy Shimmy

For when energy is low, Dermot should keep his arms low Matt Smith-style. Swish knee work is essential.

Snake hips

The Hiddle Wiggle is always a move worth stealing. And if he can make like Tom Hiddleston and stand on something, all the better for the cheering crowd.

The Brent Dance

Ain't no party like an Office party. If Dermot wants to end on a high, he need look no further than David Brent's signature moves.

DiCaprio funk

If this doesn't happen it's an opportunity well and truly missed, Dermot.

Keep it fresh

Dermot could go full Fresh Prince on the whole thing. Probably a move to do early on when energy is high...

Ready with Redmayne

Or Dermot could take inspiration from Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne and have a mini routine ready. Forgoing a backing track to sing yourself is ideal.


Dermot's Day of Dance kicks off on The One Show (from 7pm on BBC1) on Thursday, you can watch along live on the BBC Red Button and BBC Radio 2 will also follow the action as it happens.

You can donate to Comic Relief here


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