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23 bonkers quotes from The Apprentice episode three

From disastrous brand name suggestions to all but choosing to be fired, here’s our pick of the most bizarre quotes from Lord Sugar and co…

Published: Wednesday, 22nd October 2014 at 9:01 pm

Tonight The Apprentice candidates were tasked with candle making. Make a product, brand it and think about margins, margins, margins. That was Lord Sugar’s direction.


But forget hot wax, there was a lot of hot air from the candidates. Here’s our pick of the best quotes from episode three…

Katie felt she had more than enough expertise in the area to project manage Team Tenacity

“I’m happy to put myself forward as somebody who is obsessive about the smell of my home. And I don’t mean that in a light-hearted way.”

When it came to branding Sarah was talking about lemons. Again.

“What about ‘Lemonise’. It’s a made up word.”

Then she branched out a bit

“What about Yellow Submarine?”

Although Sugar's aide Nick Hewer wasn’t sold on Team Tenacity’s eventual choice of British Breeze

“Green Tea from China, Aloe Vera from Africa, Lemongrass from Thailand… ‘Well, let’s call it British Breeze’.”

Mark wasn’t doing much better over on Team Summit

“What about smells from the surf?”

James was confident himself and Solomon had selling all wrapped up for Summit…

“We’ve got a table, we’ve got our product, we’ve got two handsome men – we’re in business.”

Katie was putting her foot down when it came to decision making…

“Can you tell Sarah to be quiet because she’s making no sense?”

Lindsay, having said she needed to step up, stepped down…

“He’s done the intelligent bit. We can’t all be intelligent.”

In fact, Lindsay all but put her feet up

“I’m quite happy for you to do it all.”

Mark was very confident in Summit’s product on a visit to The Goring hotel

“We class ourselves at the premium end of scented arena.”

So was James…

“I can just picture myself doing this [lighting a candle] and then getting in bed, that’d be lovely.”

The manager put a stop to that dream…

“It’d cost you £8,500 per night.”

Back on Team Tenacity, Daniel was trying his hardest to sell to another hotel…

“Bulk, we can sell up to fifty.”

One problem, said the owners…

“Well, we’ve only got 21 bedrooms.”

But Daniel couldn’t be stopped…

“If you take 30…”

Meanwhile, Solomon got himself in a muddle at Summit's factory…

“I’ve just dipped my tie in it. Waxed end of the tie.”

While Tenacity PM Katie got in a bit of bother at a private members club:

“The packaging is very clear, my only point would be is that the label is not on straight,” said the owner.

Ella has the best solution

“Yep, it is slightly. Well, what we can just say, obviously when it’s put into a room, from a distance, it’s not necessarily…”

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar had some ideas on how things were going to go pretty quickly…

“Never mind Aloe Vera, it sounds like it’s Goodbye Sarah at the moment.”

But Team Tenacity won so Sarah lives to see another task. It was all Daniel's doing though…

“That was my last sale of the day, that was my last sale of the day!” he squealed as final profits were read out.

Lindsay decided to throw the towel in

“Yeah, I didn’t do very well at selling. I did try, yeah, I know. I know I didn’t do very well.”

And basically fired herself…

“I know, I haven’t been the person I thought I was going to be when I came here. If anything I‘ve learnt I’m better off sticking to what I know best and that’s swimming [teaching].

“I’m sorry to say I’ve not done very well. I’m disappointed in myself.”

Then the music started and we knew it was all over.

“Yep, I agree [I’m taking up someone’s space]”

Game over, Lindsay. But Sugar wasn't done there and Nurun was also given the chop for failing to contribute. 

Onto another week, eh?


The Apprentice continues Wednesdays at 8:00pm on BBC1


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