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15 tweets that perfectly sum up the reaction to Let it Shine

The BBC and Gary Barlow’s new Voice rival got some pretty mixed reviews

Published: Sunday, 8th January 2017 at 9:03 am

The BBC’s new entertainment format Let it Shine (in which Gary Barlow, Martin Kemp, Danii Minogue and Amber Riley searched for singers for a Take That musical) began last night, and within moments it was getting positive reactions online.


But then, some people had a different reaction.

And this split in opinion continued throughout the episode, with viewers disagreeing on how well the judging panel worked, how Gary Barlow seemed and even how well the new format worked (with its long walkway of stars used to represent the judges’ scores).

So to some Gary Barlow was the perfect judge, to others he was the worst kind of old boyfriend.

Some loved the new judges, some thought they needed more experience.

And the format in general…got pretty mixed reviews as well.

Still, by the end a unified consensus had formed about the show’s quality.

Just kidding – people still seemed fairly split down the middle.

Oh well, at least there’s one thing everyone COULD agree on – that West End performer Jason was the hit of the night.

So it looks like when it comes down to it, we can strip away the debate and agree this entertainment series is all about the power of the voice.

Hey, wait a minute…


Let it Shine continues on BBC1 next Saturday at 7.00pm


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