YouGov's new profiles are a revelation. Type in any brand, person or thing and you get a detailed description of what a person who reads, watches or eats your chosen item is like.


Who likes margarita pizza? Left-wing Yorkshire women in their late 20s. Marks and Spencer's gummy favourites Percy Pigs? Wealthy left-wing Londoners who love toffee apples. Miranda Hart? Scatty, crumble-lovers from the south coast.

Here are 15 weird and wonderful facts we've learned from YouGov's profiles...

1. The average Taylor Swift fan is a male 20-something engineer from central Scotland who identifies with UKIP.

2. Robin Thicke's music attracts right-wing, smart car-driving, middle-aged female Londoners who shop at Aldi and enjoy day trips.

3. Game of Thrones fans are self-confessed lazy geeks who eat food they know isn't good for them. They also like to wear fancy clothes from French Connection.

4. Moody, male members of the military love Nigella Lawson, as well as suet pudding, UKIP and Lidl.

5. Downton Abbey fans are likely to be loyal, family-orientated dog-owners who drive Land Rovers…and shop at Budgens.

6. The average Fifty Shades of Grey reader resides in East Anglia and loves darts, ham sandwiches and Jeremy Kyle.

7. Headstrong estate agents from the north-east make up Kim Kardashian's main fan base.

8. Miley Cyrus fans are likely to enjoy cultured trips to museums and galleries, think the world is controlled by a secretive elite and "like" Mr Bean on Facebook.

9. George Clooney attracts easy-going, left-wing, female fashion designers and lawyers who LOVE soft drinks.

10. Those who sit through BBC2 drama The Fall are most likely to be marzipan-loving, bird-owning women from the midlands who drive smart cars.

11. Harry Potter fans are – YouGov would have us believe – clever, honeycomb-munching, dancers who follow Andy Murray on Twitter.

12. Female, right-wing accountants from London in their 20s and 30s are likely to love The Spice Girls, as well as milkshakes and Bisto gravy (presumably not together).

13. Jennifer Lawrence supporters are likely to be young, male, left-wing media types who like cats and curry.

14. Those who declare themselves to be fans of David Cameron are more right wing than UKIP supporters. And are also likely to list prawns, veal, lobster and caviar among their favourite foods.

15. Doctor Who fans hate adverts, but they love a good chocolate mufffin.


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