14 things that really annoy TV addicts

Yes, I'm still watching...


1. When Netflix gets all judge-y and keeps asking if you’re still watching, like you should get up and do something useful instead

2. When your telly joins in and threatens to go on standby and you can’t find the remote beneath a day’s worth of food and blankets

3. When you’re watching online and you’re asked to choose which version of some crap advert you want to watch

4. You shell out twenty odd quid for a box set and it goes on the streaming service you already pay for two days later

5. When the only series you want to watch is on every other streaming service but the one you pay for

6. Or you pay for every streaming service available to anyone ever and the programme you want to watch is still only available to buy…

7. When loads of good TV shows are on but they’re all on at exactly the same time

8. When the only night your friends want to do something is when the next episode of your favourite show is on

9. Or your mum calls for a chat just as it starts

10. When absolutely no one at work is watching the same show as you so you can’t talk about it all day

11. Or you had to miss an episode of something and they’re all talking about it really loudly…

12. You get that annoying email saying the ten-series drama you’ve just got totally hooked on will be removed from on demand and you’ve only got a few days to cram it all in

13. When there’s a change to the ‘usual billing’

14. And the weekly irritation when you realise it’s Monday tomorrow and you can’t spend another day in front of the TV…

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