11 things that Americans find confusing about British Christmas

Why is there a day all about boxing? And what's with all the meat pies?


1. Crackers


What’s so Christmassy about small, savoury biscuits? Or is this some kind of drug-related Christmas tradition? What on earth are those Brits doing to celebrate the birth of Jesus?

2. Father Christmas


Wait, is this some kind of festive reverend? Or a weird British cult leader? Santa Claus sounds like a much more relaxed guy.

3. Boxing Day


A whole day for playing such an intense sport right after Christmas Day? Woah those Brits are energetic!

4. Crimbo



5. Pantomime


Wait, so everyone spends two hours in a theatre shouting contrary phrases at a guy in drag? Well, whatever makes the Brits feel festive…

6. Christmas pudding


So they make dry fruitcake as the MAIN desert and then to make it a bit more interesting, they set fire to it?

7. Sprouts


These weird, tiny cabbages are an ESSENTIAL part of Christmas dinner? Seriously? Cabbage?

8. Money in the food?


Do people really get so annoyed with their relatives they want them to choke on a a coin?

9. Mince Pies


People eat tiny meat pies at all times of day, from morning until night? And for some reason they put all this alcoholic cream on top of the meat? Why meat and cream?

Christmas number 1


So British people agonise over which bad pop song will be the most popular on the day Jesus was born? Fair enough.

11. No Thanksgiving


Wait, so British people don’t get a preparatory Christmas Day? They just go all out for the main event? With Thanksgiving food?

Oh Britain, you mysterious place.