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11 stages of going back to work tomorrow

If you've been lucky enough to be off work until January 4th, there's a lot of mixed emotions right now

Published: Sunday, 3rd January 2016 at 10:04 am

Been away from the office for the whole of Christmas? January 4th your first day back? You know you should be happy, plenty have people have already been back to work. But it just. feels. rubbish. 


If you're preparing for day one tomorrow, here's the 11 stages you're no doubt going through today...


1. You stay in bed just that little bit longer because it's the last lie in for like ever

2. You reminisce about the good times

3. And convince yourself you're OK about going back to work because you've had plenty of time off

4. You round up all of the Christmas leftovers because today is the last time you can justify it

5. Because you're totally going back to the gym tomorrow 

6. Denial creeps in as you try and reassure yourself you won't have that many emails

7. You have a quiet word with yourself

8. Before letting out the sadness just a teeny tiny bit

9. But it's OK, the commute isn't that bad

10. Your colleagues are grrrrreat

11. And you've booked one day of annual leave in about seven weeks



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