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Wolf Hall: Meet the cast

Say hello to the movers and shakers of Henry VIII's court as they appear in Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall

Published: Monday, 8th May 2017 at 2:00 am

Mary Boleyn (Charity Wakefield)


Formerly Henry’s mistress, Mary sees him turns his attentions to her younger sister, dragging the Boleyns into a dangerous game.

Eustache Chapuys (Mathieu Amalric)

An ambassador of the Holy Roman Empire, Chapuys serves as a comforter and advisor to Katherine of Aragon in her hour of need - but his refusal to acknowledge Anne Boleyn as queen drives a wedges between him and Henry.

Sir John Seymour (Paul Ritter)

The father of future queen Jane Seymour has a poor reputation due to his rumoured dalliances with his son Edward's wife - but he becomes aware of a potentially brighter future for the family when the King shows favour to Jane.

Edward Seymour (Ed Speelers)

The eldest brother of Jane Seymour, Edward soon sees the opportunity when the King becomes interested in his sister - but has suspicions about Cromwell's intentions in that direction as well.

Thomas Seymour (Iain Batchelor)

Jane's other brother (and future second husband of Henry's last wife Katherine Parr) also hopes the family can enter the King's favour, and is eager to see Anne off the throne.

Harry Percy (Harry Lloyd)

A former friend and rumoured lover of Anne Boleyn's, as a young man Percy was foiled in his attempts to marry Anne by the Cardinal. However, he's rumoured to have carried out a ceremony in secret...

Thomas Wyatt (Jack Lowden)

A poet, drinker and brawler, Wyatt tries to convince Pope Clement VII to annul the King's marriage to Katherine of Aragon – but in the end it takes Cromwell to sort out Henry's Great Matter and protect the unruly Wyatt.

Thomas More (Anton Lesser)

More replaces Wolsey in Henry's affections, much to Cromwell's disgust – but More's staunch Catholicism becomes a problem when the King declares himself head of a new church. Soon More is a victim of Henry's policies, and Cromwell is left appearing like a villain.

Stephen Gardiner (Mark Gatiss)

The scheming Gardiner is Cromwell's main rival in the King's affairs, and holds a prime political position as Bishop of Winchester and Secretary to the King - but he displeases the monarch when he dithers over Henry's position as Head of the Church of England.

Cardinal Wolsey (Jonathan Pryce)

Wolsey was the King's most trusted advisor and Cromwell's mentor, but fell out of favour when he couldn't fulfil his monarch's desires – and his fate (exiled and left to pine away) is a warning to all those who serve Henry.

Katherine of Aragon (Joanne Whalley)

The Pope will not grant Henry a divorce from Katherine. So he declares himself head of the Church of England and does it himself – leaving Katherine out in the cold and unable to see her daughter Mary, who is now pronounced illegitimate.

Elizabeth Barton (Aimee-Ffion Edwards)

A young girl who claims to speak the word of God and calls down hellfire upon Henry and his new wife Anne. She only becomes a problem when she begins to speak to the noble houses of Poole and Exeter - so Cromwell claps the prophetess in irons.

Bishop Fisher (Richard Durden)


A prominent churchman who speaks out against Henry's marriage to Anne and appointment as Head of the Church of England in writings abroad.


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