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Will Christmas 2015 be remembered as the year of the sprout?

Sky and the BBC seem to have the same idea about promoting their Christmas content – a round green vegetable

Published: Tuesday, 1st December 2015 at 10:31 am

You wait years for a Brussels Sprout-themed Christmas and then suddenly the two big beasts of British TV – the BBC and Sky – come up with one each.


Christmas 2015 could become the year of the sprout after BBC1 today unveiled it’s new Sprout Boy character – three weeks after the little green vegetable was unveiled as a central feature of Sky Movies’ Christmas promotion.

For BBC1, the Sprout Boy is an unloved and unwanted little fellow who finds love in the BBC1 family.

In the advert, to be unveiled on The One Show tonight and shown over the Christmas period, he finds warmth and comfort with the main BBC1 characters –Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who, Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock, Luther’s Idris Elba and of course EastEnders’ Dot Cotton. (What BBC1 celebration would be complete without her?).

The sprout also features in the Sky Movies 2015 Christmas campaign.

The advert follows a charismatic and mischievous eight year old girl, Rosie, played by Clydee Scrimshaw and her Christmas Day lunch dilemma.

With her family gathered around the dinner table, Rosie is looking at her plate in disgust as a pile of sprouts sit there untouched. It becomes clear that she must clear her plate before she can watch Sky Movies with her family.

Rosie jumps from her chair and escapes under the table where she discovers a whole other world. Viewers accompany Rosie on a magical quest as she realises she can get rid of her leftover sprouts, from dashing through Cinderella’s lavish ball, teasing a triceratops in a museum and popping-up centre-stage in the middle of an Ultron battle.

A different idea but one with a sprout front and centre nonetheless.

Will any other sprout-related adverts emerge (or should I say sprout up?) in the coming weeks?

Maybe even a Sprout Boy movie. You never know…



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