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Queen Elizabeth II is one of Wikipedia’s most read pages in 2017 – because of The Crown

Wikipedia attributed the royal searches to the "terrific power of Netflix” after The Crown season two launched in December

Claire Foy in The Crown season 2 (Netflix, JG)
Published: Friday, 5th January 2018 at 11:07 am

Wikipedia’s article on Queen Elizabeth II was the website’s third most read page in 2017 with over 19 million page views – and the site says it's all down to The Crown.


A spokesman for Wikipedia attributed the high page views to “the terrific power of Netflix”, suggesting that the streaming site’s hit series The Crown had a heavy influence on web searches.

So if you often find yourself falling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole after each episode of The Crown, you’re not alone.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret came in 37th and her husband, Prince Philip, ranked 44th.

Another British monarch whose page garnered a lot of hits was Queen Victoria, who had the 13th most viewed article with more than 14 million hits – page views saw a boost after the broadcast of ITV series Victoria.

The worlds of TV and film hugely influenced Wikipedia’s list of most viewed pages in English last year, with other articles in the top 25 including Game of Thrones (season 7), 13 Reasons Why, Wonderwoman star Gal Gadot, Logan and Stranger Things.

A tweet on Wikipedia’s Twitter account describes the site as a “second screen”.

The most read page in 2017 was, rather morbidly, Deaths in 2017, with more than 37 million hits. Donald Trump came in second place with almost 30 million views.


Most read entries on Wikipedia in 2017

  1. Deaths in 2017, 37,387,010 views
  2. Donald Trump, 29,644,764
  3. Elizabeth II, 19,290,956
  4. Game of Thrones (season 7), 18,792,746
  5. Meghan Markle, 16,944,130
  6. Game of Thrones, 16,833,302
  7. List of Bollywood films of 2017, 16,391,427
  8. United States, 15,763,915
  9. Bitcoin, 15,026,561
  10. 13 Reasons Why, 14,934,202
  11. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, 14,607,282
  12. It (2017 film), 14,539,123
  13. Queen Victoria, 14,164,451
  14. List of highest-grossing Indian films, 14,091,348
  15. Gal Gadot, 14,034,958
  16. Logan (film), 14,030,384
  17. Millennials, 13,417,915
  18. Riverdale (2017 TV series), 13,360,398
  19. 2017 in film, 13,298,613
  20. Stranger Things, 13,132,129
  21. Wonder Woman (2017 film), 13,062,375
  22. Dwayne Johnson, 12,444,987
  23. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, 12,442,644
  24. Justice League (film), 12,048,341
  25. Elon Musk, 11,968,362

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